Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise contains has lots of useful materials that you can use to upgrade your armor and weapons. Some materials are harder to find than others. One of such material is Bizarre Megacore which might be difficult to find on your own.

Bizarre Megacore can be found easily in Gilanne Woodland. Bizarre Megacore drops from Forest Ropers inside the woodland.

Bizarre Megacore Location Map

If you are ever in need of Bizarre Megacore again, you can always revisit this place as all non boss enemies respawn after leaving the location.

Bizarre Megacore drops from several other places like Granilem in Traslida Highway and Razum Quarry, Ooze in Underground Waterway, Creepzilla in Mobile Fortress Gradia and Adan Lake.

Using Bizarre Megacore

Bizarre Megacore is used to forge new weapons like Shionne, Rinwell, Kisara, and Dohalim. Just go to the inn or the campfire and talk to the blacksmith to make new weapons for you.

Tales of Arise Bizarre Megacore Location Map and Use

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