New World
New World

The starting zones of the New World are overall the same and do not offer a very great advantage to others. However, there are some features that distinguish different regions from one another. Here we will list all the starting zones and leave for you to decide the best.

starting zones in New World

The players are able to spawn into four starting zones in New World:

  • Everfall
  • Monarch’s Bluffs
  • Windsward
  • First Light

Many players consider Everfall the best place to start because of its central location on the map and the many resources you can find there. However beware as this is the favorite choice of other players too.

Windsward although smaller than Everfall, is the center of all zones making it the easiest place to meet friends.

Monarchs Bluffs is a mountainous region that can provide resources for feeding and clothing easily.

First Light is the least desirable starting zone because of which, it has less competition for resources.

Best New World starting zones map

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