Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

Beast Mane is a crafting item that generates only in a place on the map. It is particularly useful when it comes to making the Gale Wing. This is a wind energy-based sword, which does not uses your stamina.

The beast mane spawns only at the Rudhir Forest, you can find in the northern part of the map. However, it will not be easy to reach, and you need to avoid some strong enemies to get it. The beast mane comes from wolven beasts that you will have to kill. Once you’re on the right side of the Rudhir forest, a cutscene will start, which shows three ice wolves and an ice wolf leader.

The good news is that every dead wolf will fall one Beast Mane, leaving you with four which is more than enough to create the wing gale. Beast Mane will only be used to craft the Gale Wing, so you can create two or sell your excess Beast Mane.

Now you can create one of the most powerful weapons of Tales of Arise: Gale Wing.

Tales of Arise Beast Mane Location and use

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