Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

In Tales of Arise tells there are a lot of battles to deal with. So it is no surprise that you must know ways how to improve your health both in and out of combat. Here we will tell you how to do the same.

Heal in Combat in Tales of Arise

In battle, healers such as Shionne and Dohalim can use healing techniques to heal teammates. Healing artes consumes Cure Points (CP) which is shared by the whole group, no matter who uses the treatment. Recover CP by using items or resting in a hotel or camp.

You can also heal by consuming healing items like gels in combat. Treatment in this way does not consume any CP.

Heal out of Combat in Tales of Arise

Healing items and healing techniques can be used outside of combat. When you open the menu, you can press the triangle / Y to use CP to restore health. The number of CPs remaining can be viewed on the left side of the menu screen, or you can press L2 / LT to view them.

If you don’t have any items or CP, or you want to save them, resting in a hotel or campsite can fill up your HP and CP completely. CP can also be used to revive you after you died. In Dungeon there are also glowing spots on the ground called Healing Light that can fully restore HP and CP but disappear after use.

Tales of Arise heal guide (In and Out of Combat)

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