Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

After defeating Lord Balseph and arriving in Urzebek, a “handsome nobleman” will express his enthusiasm for meeting you. Meeting this person will be a side quest by the name Shionne the Fashion Critic. Here you have to help the handsome nobleman with some fashion tips.

To complete the Shionne the Fashion Critic sidequest, you will have to go back to the man later in the game, once he has chosen an outfit, which cannot be directly after talking to him with him. Therefore, you will have to come back once in a while until he has his outfit ready. Once you see that he has got the outfit, you can complete the quest after talking to him to receive 1,600 Gald and 135 sp.

Tales of Arise Shionne the Fashion Critic

To find this handsome nobleman, look at the outside of Urzebek’s by the fire and see where he stands. He will ask you about his looks, and you can answer in one of two ways:

  • “It’s a very simple look”
  • “Like everyone else.”

The advice handsome nobleman seeks is based solely on what you have chosen for him, though any answer will result in completing the side quest. There are three options:

  • “just ordinary clothes”
  • “radical things”
  • “something that talks about money”

This side mission is quite simple, but if you just want to complete the mission asap, it is annoying not to know when to visit the handsome nobleman.

How to complete Tales of Arise Shionne the Fashion Critic

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