Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

Megafauna Bone is the material used to build some of the most powerful equipment in the Tales of Arise. It also means the materials are hard to find and you won’t likely find them until late in the game. In this guide we will tell you how to get Megafauna Bone and its uses.

One way to achieve this is to do Shionne’s Solo Ultimate training. Completing the training will give you two Megafauna Bone with 99 Rice, two Phantom Fangs and two Dragon Scales.

If you need more of Megafauna Bone you can find your luck in hunting. There are two monsters that can drop this which can be found in Wedge. Both Armatus Bos and Armatus Equus can drop Megafauna Bone.

Also in Tarfal Helgarahi, Astral Fury and Astral Hatred both have a chance to drop it. You can also try your luck with Gigant Masher Bull and Masher Mare monsters from Adan Lake.

Megafauna Bone uses

You can craft these weapons with Megafauna Bone:

  • Alphen’s Atonement Edge
  • Shionne’s Assault Shot
  • Kisara’s Red Shield
  • Dolahim’s Supreme Tenebris Staff
Tales of Arise Megafauna Bone Location and Uses

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