Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

Blistering Fang are a very rare item that can only be found in one place – Otherworld. Here we will tell you where to find the Blistering Fangs and how to use it to build one of the best weapon.

You have to travel to Otherworld to get Blistering Fang which can be accessed only until the post-game. Here, you can find Blistering Fang by defeating Furious Boars. To unlock Otherworld go to the city of Viscint and start the quest “Another Hillside Anomaly” which will lead to another quest called “Otherworldly Visitors”.

When you enter Otherworld you will have to scan different levels until to get Scarlet Night Key. You can get key from Eizen at the Dragon Slumber Mountain which will unlock the Furious Boars location. Furious Boars are level 83 enemies which can be difficult to defeat if you are at low level. Defeating them will drop Blistering Fang.

Blistering Fang Uses

Blistering Fang are one of the components needed to craft the Realm Unifier which is the best weapon in the game. But they can also be used to craft the Farm Fence for Kisara.

Ominous Eyeballs and Cursed Claws can be brought from Tarfhal Helgarahi and Iron Pipe by completing The Mysterious pair side quest.

Materials required for crafting Realm Unifier:

  • Blistering Fang x 5
  • Ominous Eyeball x 4
  • Cursed Claw x 2
  • Iron Pipe x 1
Tales of Arise Blistering Fang Location and Uses

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