Muck is a survival roguelike game that has been elevated to a new dimension concept. The popularity of the game is increasing, and updates are frequent. Basically, this means that there is no guarantee that any weapon or item will have an advantage over another weapon or item. In this guide, let’s take a look at which weapon in Muck is the best currently.

Chief’s Spear1500.95
Night Blade1301.15
Ancient BowVariableVariable
Chunky Hammer1200.95
Gronk’s Sword1101.1
Obamium Sword701.4
Wyvern Dagger601.75
Oak Bow1.54

As we can see that from the above list that in long rage bow works the best. While Chief’s Spear and the Night Blade are on the top of the list making them both a good choice. Lets know more about them.

Night Blade: At the relatively ultra-fast speed of 1.15, the night blade has 130 fatal damage per hit. This weapon is total badass. You can get it from the cave after spawning and entering the seed “221294511”. In addition, you can use the following materials to make it: anvil, 1 black shard, 15 dark oak, and 10 Obamium bar.

Chief’s Spear: Although the night blade can maintain the lead in speed, there is no doubt that the chief’s spear is currently the deadliest weapon in Muck. With the advantage of range and 150 damage per hit, this weapon is a killer. To get the Chief’s Spear, you need to enter the seed “R O C C” and open a green treasure chest. You can also use an anvil, 1 spear tip and 15 Dark Oak Woods to craft it.