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V Rising

If you’re looking for the greatest V Rising Weapon Tier List with all of the weapons in the game listed, you’ve come to the right spot. We have gathered a list of all of the ranged and melee types available in the game, including the most current ones. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it and find the finest weapons to select right immediately in the game.

Best V Rising Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked)

Best V Rising Weapon Tier List All Weapons Ranked

Here are all the very best weapons in our V Rising  Weapon Tier List:

TiersV Rising Weapons
S+ TierSword
S TierSlashers
A+ TierAxes
A TierReaper
B TierMace
C TierSpear
D TierCrossbow

Sword (Best V Rising Weapon in our Tier List)

Despite the fact that swords are among the earliest weapons you obtain in the game, they’re rather effective due to their consistent DPS rate and ability variety. Whirlwind and Shockwave are their primary abilities. Whirlwind allows you to do 35% more damage while whirling and slashing any foes that try to surround you. A quick way to get out of trouble. The Shockwave will then fire a missile that deals 70% bodily damage and launches the foes into the air. You can recast this to quickly teleport to your adversaries and attack them with three strikes that inflict 25% damage each.


After defeating ‘Quincy the Bandit King,’ you may be able to obtain the Slashers recipe. These daggers are incredibly eco-friendly and will stop your opponents in their tracks. What they lack in DPS is compensated for by their speed and abilities. Their primary abilities are Elusive Strike and Camouflage. Elusive Strike allows you to swiftly attack your adversaries a number of times, with each hit delivering 60% damage. They may also enable your targets for a full 2 seconds. That’s a decent ability to get control of the opponents quickly.

Camouflage ability will allow you to hide from your foes for a whole 6 seconds! With a 25% boost in speed and an 80 percent increase in damage, this ability is ideal for creeping up on adversaries. This ability is comparable to the ‘thief’ class’s ability to ‘backstab’ in other video games. Overall, Slashers are incredibly eco-friendly in terms of rapid response games and dealing ATK in a short amount of time.


Axes, like Spears and Swords, are easy to get your hands on right away in the tutorial. Although they are slow and only adequate for chopping down shrubs, they are powerful enough to cut down opponents as well. Yes, they’re slow, but they deal more damage than Spears and Swords combined. Furthermore, their abilities, Frenzy and X-Strike, should not be harmful in any way.

Frenzy will enhance your ATK by 30% and your speed by 25% (assuming you accomplish the objective), while delivering a staggering 100% more damage to foes. That is each superior to make use of the bosses once again. And, if you want to keep your opponents at bay, X-Strike will allow you to toss axes at them for 85 percent damage while slowing them down for a full 2 seconds. Given the Axe’s ATK rate, this is an extremely useful ability.

Reaper, Mace, Spear, & Crossbow

Reaper is slow, making it difficult for us to utilise in PVP. However, for PVE, it’s a flexible weapon that can inflict damage across a large area. The fact that Maces were the slowest in the game was only beneficial to our performances against the bosses. For relaxation, different weapons lined every little thing {that a} mace lacks.

Spear was excellent at what it did best: using PVP skills. Some of our teammates believe Spear is a superior rank, but as I previously indicated, different Axes, Swords, and Slashers were more suited to my playstyle. That is the only reason I ranked them lower due to my knowledge. If you genuinely profit from the Spears, you should go for it.

Finally, there’s the Crossbow. Crossbows are best suited to be a ranged aid weapon due to their slow firing rate and low ATK. It has its own unique set of abilities, but playing the majority of the game with only the Crossbow made it clear that we needed to put it low on this tier list.