Darkest Dungeon 2
Darkest Dungeon 2

Dismas the Highwayman is one of the basic characters you can get in Darkest Dungeon 2. In this Darkest Dungeon 2 Highwayman guide we will list all the skills of Highwayman, their unlock method and rank his best skills.

Dismas the Highwayman Skills

SkillUnlock Method
Wicked SliceAvailable by default
Pistol ShotAvailable by default
Duelist’s AdvanceAvailable by default
Tracking ShotAvailable by default
Take AimAvailable by default
Point-Blank ShotFirst visit to a Shrine (battle) – Freedom
Open VeinSecond visit to a Shrine (narration) – Laying Low
Highway RobberyThird visit to a Shrine (narration) – One Last Job
Grapeshot BlastFourth visit to a Shrine (battle) – Highway Robbery
Double TapFifth visit to a Shrine (narration) – Shackled
Double CrossFifth visit to a Shrine (narration) – Shackled

Dismas the Highwayman Best Skills

  • Duelist’s Advance – Causes the Highwayman to lunge forward to attack an enemy
  • Point-Blank Shot – When the Highwayman is in the lead, it can target enemies in the lead rank. Highwayman goes backward; knocks the target and adds a combo token
  • Grapeshot Blast – Hits the front first two targets
  • Double Tap – A direct damage strike that does additional damage if the target’s health is less than 30%
  • Pistol Shot – Basic ranged attack of the Highwayman