New World
New World

New World is an newly released MMO game where players get stranded on Iternum Island. Thus making sure you have the right weapons is a top priority. In this tier list, we’ve ranked each weapon into different classes to help you out of this and make sure you get the best out of the game.

S-TierLife Staff, Hatchet
A-Tier Sword and Shield, Fire Staff, War Hammer, Great Axe
B-TierBow, Ice Gauntlet, Spear
C-TierMusket, Rapier

In the new world, you can carry and equip two weapons at the same time. It may be tempting to take your two favorite weapons with you, but it is better to choose two weapons that go together.

Different weapons are more useful in different situations. In PvP combat, you want to be able to move quickly, which means that you prefer lighter weapons with no damage. Likewise in different situations you may need to make wise decision and switch weapons. In PvE, you can sacrifice speed to more damage giving weapons.

New World weapon tier list (Best weapons for PvP and PvE)

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