Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood

Looking for the best Back 4 Blood weapon tier list with all the weapons in the game ranked then this is the place. We have compiled the list of the best weapons you can get in Back 4 Blood. Look at the tier list below and choose your ultimate weapon.

TiersB4B WeaponsAmmo
S+ TierAK47Rifle Ammo
S+ TierPhoenix 350LSniper Ammo
S TierScarRifle Ammo
S TierUziPistol  / SMG Ammo
S TierGlock 23 (Auto)Pistol  / SMG Ammo
S TierTEC 9Pistol  / SMG Ammo
A TierM4 CarbineRifle Ammo
A TierMP5Pistol  / SMG Ammo
A TierGlock 23Pistol  / SMG Ammo
A TierUMP45Pistol  / SMG Ammo
A TierVectorPistol  / SMG Ammo
A TierSuper 90Shotgun Ammo
A TierRPKRifle Ammo
A TierDesert EagleSniper Ammo
A TierTAC14Shotgun Ammo
A TierM249Rifle Ammo
B TierAA12Shotgun Ammo
B TierM16Rifle Ammo
B TierM1ASniper Ammo
B TierBarrett M95 (Burst)Pistol  / SMG Ammo
C TierRanch RifleRifle Ammo
C Tier870 ExpressShotgun Ammo
C TierBarrett M95Pistol  / SMG Ammo
C TierThe BelgianPistol  / SMG Ammo
C TierFire AxeMelee
C TierHatchetMelee
D Tier357 MagnumRifle Ammo
D TierBeretta M9 (Auto)Pistol  / SMG Ammo
D TierM1911Pistol  / SMG Ammo
D TierBatMelee
D TierKnifeMelee
D TierMacheteMelee
Back 4 Blood Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked)

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