Darkest Dungeon 2
Darkest Dungeon 2

Baldwin the Leper is a tanky character with a lot of survival skills. Players will be able to use him after Profile Rank 12. In this Darkest Dungeon 2 Leper guide we will list all the skills of Leper, their unlock method and rank his best skills.

Baldwin the Leper All Skills

Skill Unlock Method
ChopAvailable by default
PurgeAvailable by default
WithstandAvailable by default
SolemnityAvailable by default
ReflectionAvailable by default
BreakFirst visit to a Shrine (battle) – Shun Them Not
RevengeSecond visit to a Shrine (narration) – Infection
IntimidateThird visit to a Shrine (narration) – Treason
HewFourth visit to a Shrine (battle) – The Purge
BashFifth visit to a Shrine (narration) – A Beautiful View
RuinFifth visit to a Shrine (narration) – A Beautiful View

Baldwin the Leper Best Skills

  • Withstand – Grants block, taunt, and resistances to bleed, blight, and burn
  • Solemnity – Removes Stress pips; heal up to 33% of HP if health below 33%
  • Reflection – Stress heal with removing a blind token
  • Bash – Causes the two enemies in front to immobilize and be dazed
  • Ruin – If you are attacked, your damage is increased by 20%
  • Purge – Knocks back a foe in the frontline, adds a combo token and clears corpses