Darkest Dungeon 2
Darkest Dungeon 2

Sarmenti the Jester can be unlocked after reaching Profile Rank 9. In this Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester guide we will list all the skills of Jester, their unlock method and rank his best skills.

Sarmenti the Jester All Skills

SkillUnlock Method
Razor’s WitAvailable by default
Fade To BlackAvailable by default
Slice OffAvailable by default
Battle BalladAvailable by default
Inspiring TimeAvailable by default
Play OutFirst visit to a Shrine (narration) – Some Strange Melody
HarvestSecond visit to a Shrine (battle) – Music of the Night
Echoing MarchThird visit to a Shrine (narration) – Play to the Crowd
FinaleFourth visit to a Shrine (battle) – A Dark Song
SoloFifth visit to a Shrine (narration) – Finale
EncoreFifth visit to a Shrine (narration) – Finale

Sarmenti the Jester Best Skills

  • Harvest – Deals damage to two opponents in the middle and causes bleed
  • Finale – Deals high damage and bonus if the target already has taken a combo
  • Encore – Jester moves to front; gains dodge and speed tokens; the enemy target gains a combo token
  • Razor’s Wit / Fade to Black – When upgraded, the target gains a combo token
  • Inspiring Tune – Removes 3 Stress pips and horror from allies