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Project Slayers
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Roblox Project Slayers is a large motion role-playing game during which gamers will get to create their very personal character throughout the world of Demon Slayers. Throughout the game, it is possible for you to to both struggle and save humanity as a Slayer (or human) or go towards it as a Demon. Regardless of which path you are taking, a big a part of the game comes right down to the clan you select to affix.

To allow you to get began, we’re created a Roblox Project Slayers clan tier record rating all the finest clans within the game.

Roblox Project Slayers Clan Tier List – Best Clans, Ranked

Clans are helpful for each Slayers and Demons in that they can assist to offer your character with distinctive bonuses. Like passive or stat bonuses, respiratory skills or common skills. It’s additionally price noting that every clan comes with a sure rarity stage, which determines how usually you would possibly see it if you roll for one. Generally talking, the rarer the clan, the extra highly effective it’s.

However, with there being over two dozen clans to select from, you’re doubtless questioning that are finest. So, right here’s a Roblox Project Slayers clan tier record with all the finest clans ranked so as of finest to worst.

S Tier Clans

  • Agatsuma (Supreme)
  • Kamado (Supreme)

A Tier Clans

  • Kocho (Legendary)
  • Shinazugawa (Legendary)
  • Tomioka (Mythic)

B Tier Clans

  • Haganezuka (Rare)
  • Kanamori (Rare)
  • Kandake (Rare)
  • Ubuyashiki (Rare)
  • Urokodaki (Rare)

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C Tier Clans

  • Kaneki (Uncommon)
  • Nakahara (Uncommon)
  • Takara (Uncommon)
  • Terauchi (Uncommon)

D Tier Clans

  • Ando (Common)
  • Bakugo (Common)
  • Fujisawa (Common)
  • Hashimoto (Common)
  • Ishida (Common)
  • Kurosaki (Common)
  • Mori (Common)
  • Nishimura (Common)
  • Onishi (Common)
  • Sakurai (Common)
  • Suzuki (Common)
  • Todoroki (Common)

F Tier Clans

  • Fukuda (Common)
  • Haruno (Common)
  • Izuku (Common)
  • Saito (Common)
  • Toko (Common)

That concludes our Roblox Project Slayers clan tier record rating all the finest clans within the game. Before you go, you should definitely take a look at a few of our different Roblox Project Slayers content material right here at Gamer Journalist. Like how you can get a fishing rod in Project Slayers or all Demon Arts in Project Slayers defined.