In Valheim your weapons and tools will have a huge impact on your experience. This is why in this Valheim weapon ranking list, we rank the weapons from best to average by tiers. We ranked the best mace, club, spear, sledgehammer, bow, polearm, arrow, knife, sword and axe.

S Tier (Best Mace)Porcupine
S Tier (Best Club)Frostner
S Tier (Best Sledgehammer)Iron Sledge
S Tier (Best Spear)Fang Spear
S Tier (Best Bow)Draugr Fang
S Tier (Best Polearm)Blackmetal Atgeir
S Tier (Best Arrow)Silver Arrow
S Tier (Best Knife)Blackmetal Knife
S Tier (Best Sword)Silver Sword
S Tier (Best Axe)Battleaxe
S TierAbyssal Harpoon
S TierStagbreaker
S TierNeedle Arrow
S TierBlackmetal Sword
A TierBronze Sword
A TierFinewood Bow
A TierIron Mace
A TierHuntsman Bow
A TierBronze Mace
A TierObsidian Arrow
A TierPoison Arrow
A TierFrost Arrow
B TierIron Sword
B TierBronze Atgeir
B TierAbyssal Razor
B TierBronze Spear
B TierIronhead Arrow
B TierFire Arrow
C TierFlint Axe
C TierOoze Bomb
C TierFang Spear
C TierBronzehead Arrow
D TierFlint Knife
D TierFlint Spear
D TierCopper Knife
D TierAncient Bark Spear
D TierBronze Axe
D TierClub
D TierFlinthead Arrow
D TierWood Arrow