There are 12 different weapons for players to choose and use in Deathloop. With so many options new players might be overwhelmed by what to choose. That’s where we come in, here we will tell you about the best weapons to use in Deathloop for short, mid and long range and also list all the weapons in Deathloop.

Deathloop All Weapons List

  • LIMP-10
  • Rapier
  • PT-6 ‘Spiker’
  • Tribunal
  • MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’
  • Strelak 50-50
  • Vopat Trencher
  • The Fourpounder
  • Constancy Automatic
  • Sepulchra Breteira
  • Strelak Verso
  • Heritage
  • Machete

Deathloop Best Weapon for short range:

The best weapon for short range is the Vopat Trencher or the Pepper Mill. The Vopat Trinch is a shotgun, with purple rarity, is an absolute beast when it comes to close fight. Pepper Mill can be found by defeating a visionary or one or two spots around Blackreef. With trinket applied on it can be very effective to spray large groups of enemies.

Deathloop Best Weapon for mid range:

Rapier at purple rarity with perks like ‘More Bang’ and quick reload trinket becomes an unstoppable killing machine.
It can kill any Eternalist in the game with one shot and Juliana with two shots, which is especially handy.

Deathloop Best Weapon for long range:

Rapier is a perfect weapon choice for both long and mid range. It may look like a pistol, but its range is way longer than you think. Not only can it click the enemy from medium and long range, but it can also maintain a stable reload speed and has a good magazine size.

Deathloop Best Weapons and All Weapons List

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