Knowing about the surroundings is a critical part of any open world games. In Valheim Hearth and Home
update, the Cartography Table has been added which will help players for the same.

To make a Cartography Table, you will need

  • 10 Fine Wood
  • 10 Bone Fragments
  • 2 pieces of bronze
  • 5 Leather Scraps
  • 4 raspberries.

Once you have these materials on the workbench, you can create Cartography Table.

Cartography Table allows to interact in two different ways:

  • Record Discoveries: the contents of your map (including text) are placed on the map
  • Read Map: any other player can copy your information.

Cartography Table is beneficial only in multiplayer, and not for single player. You have to put the Cartography Table on a very specific definite base in order for it to be useful. The table is very weak and the information stored goes blank if it is broken.