With Minecraft: The Wild Update, it seems one of our favorite sandboxes is getting some more mileage. Everyone and their gamer gf seem to be talking about the coveted sculk blocks. Just when you think you have mined all there is to mine in this voxelated world, they pull you back in. But what are sculk blocks and how do we find them? With relative ease, surprisingly. June has been a busy month for the Craft.

Minecraft: The Wild Update

First off, Minecraft The Wild update launched two days ago, so get your pickaxes ready. The Wild update focuses on “scary things” and natural wilderness. That in itself is strong incentive to dive in again. But the real draw for many are the aforementioned sculk blocks. The coolest part is: There are multiple variants.

Sculk Varieties

  • Sculk.
  • Sculk Sensor.
  • Sculk Catalyst.
  • Sculk Shrieker.
  • Sculk Vein.

So how do you get your hands on some grade-A sculk?

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Where To Sculk

While skulking for sculk blocks (it’s just fun to say, people) there is one area specifically to mine. It involves a new biome for this update. It is called the Deep Dark, which sounds creepy and intriguing. Deep Dark can be found deep underground (emphasis on the deep).

It randomly spawns underground, usually beneath Y=0. That gives it a modicum of space to actually spawn in. This is important because fans know the game now extends all the way down to Y=-64. Like we said, deep. For those who may not know, hit the F key to get your exact coordinates at any time.

The Deep Dark can also be found under mountains. Story Peaks specifically has had some good sculk block yields. Dig deep enough and you may also come across one of the “ancient cities.” Just be aware: you are likely to encounter a warden.

It is called risk reward, folks.