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Minecraft – The Wild Update: How to Use Sculk Shriekers
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There’s always that one last thing you might be missing to complete a mission or important quest. With the Minecraft – The Wild Update, everyone is running around exploring. One of the main goals of the update is of course The Warden. The Warden is the current big bad of the update so eventually, everyone is going to want to take a crack at him whenever you’re done with everything else.

However, it’s not that simple to just show up and take him down. Like all things in Minecraft, you got to build up to it. One of the key items you’ll need is a block called a Sculk Shrieker.

What is a Sculk Shrieker?

Only in the Deep Dark biome can you find a Sculk Shrieker. It is a block that functions like a redstone block. A Shrieker shrieks when nearby Sculk sensors activate it and wakes then summons a Warden. Sculk shriekers are the final block to use when you want to wake up the Warden. Whenever you trigger a Sculk shrieker, a “warning level” adds to the Warden. After that, a Warden appears after the level has reached four. So how do you trigger a Sculk Shrieker?

Triggering a Sculk Shrieker

You can trigger a Shrieker lots of ways. Noisy actions such as mining, using an elytra, or jumping will do the trick. The sensors on a Sculk Shrieker then send a signal to its Sculk sensors that cause a “warning level” increase. Warning levels decrease by one every 10 minutes if no other triggering activities occur.

That’s all there really is to it. Pretty much the only purpose of these blocks is to get you in trouble or if you’re looking for a fight, bring a Warden your way.

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