Minecraft Pillagers
Image through Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Pillagers are a few of the most annoying hostile mobs in Minecraft. They’re extremely robust to beat and at all times appear to point out up while you’re unprepared! If you wish to get your revenge on these malevolent mobs, or in case you simply need some good loot, attempt finding a Pillager Outpost to catch them off guard!

Pillager Outposts in Minecraft are by no means 100% randomly spawned. They have the next likelihood of spawning close to Villages, and can virtually at all times spawn within the plains, savannah, desert, tundra, and taiga biomes.

How to Locate a Pillager Outpost

Exploring will at all times be one of the simplest ways to seek out any construction in Minecraft, finding a Pillager Outpost isn’t any totally different. However, the search may be narrowed to a choose few biomes: taiga, tundra, savannah, plains, and desert. Searching these biomes will considerably enhance your possibilities of discovering an Outpost. Pillager Outposts additionally generally tend to spawn close to Villages, so maintaining an eye fixed out for Villages whereas exploring might allow you to discover an Outpost faster.

Another good signal you’re getting near an Outpost is when flags or unnaturally spawning blocks start to look within the space you’re exploring. Pillagers love flags and elaborately constructed buildings; seeing flags or constructing blocks (cobblestone, wooden planks, fence posts, and so on.) in any space is an effective indicator you’re extraordinarily near an Outpost.

How to Use the /find Command

If you’re savvy with Minecraft instructions and don’t really feel like exploring, attempt utilizing the /find command to seek out Pillager Outposts virtually immediately! To do that, comply with these easy steps:

  1. Open the chat function in Minecraft
  2. Type both /find pillager_outpost or /find construction minecraft:pillager_outpost
  3. You will then be granted the coordinates of the location of the closest Pillager Outpost.

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What Are Pillager Outposts and Why Are They Important?

Although Pillagers are primarily nomadic, they do have a house base. Pillager Outposts are tall buildings where Pillagers naturally spawn and maintain all their finest loot! Unfortunately, these Outposts are closely guarded. It takes a very expert participant to take out a whole Outpost, however the rewards are undoubtedly well worth the effort! Players can discover uncommon ingots, Enchanted Books, Crossbows, and lots of different helpful treasures!

There are different advantages to discovering Outposts apart from loot. Once all of the Pillagers have been defeated, gamers can obtain the Bad Omen impact. The Bad Omen impact lasts 5 Minecraft days and comes into impact when the participant enters a Village. The Bad Omen impact will set off a Raid, which can trigger waves of offended Pillagers to return pouring into the Village.

This might seem to be an occasion most gamers would attempt to keep away from, however the reward is well worth the struggle! After the Raid is completed, gamers can obtain a Totem of Undying, a particularly uncommon merchandise that may save gamers from sure demise! In addition to this, Villagers will cut back all their commerce costs to point out their gratitude to the participant.

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