Minecraft – The Wild Update: Where to Find & Tame Frogs
Image through Mojang/Microsoft

Frogs are lovable, aren’t they? From their slippery our bodies to their doofy faces to their melodious croaks, it’s laborious to not love the little guys. If you’re excited by making mates with frogs in Minecraft, it’s a fairly straightforward course of. You simply must know where they dwell and what they like. Here’s where to search out and tame frogs in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Where to Find Frogs

Frogs are passive mobs in Minecraft that hang around primarily in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes. You can often discover them bouncing round in small our bodies of water, both within the water itself or atop water-borne foliage like lily pads. Keep your ears open once you’re searching for them, as frogs will periodically let loose a particular croak when sitting idle. Frogs don’t often choose fights with something greater than them, so that you don’t want to fret about drawing their hostility.

How to Tame Frogs

Technically talking, you possibly can’t truly tame a frog. There’s no approach to completely endear them to you. However, you possibly can lure a frog to a selected location, they usually don’t wander a lot, so so long as you present what they want, they gained’t have any cause to go anyplace.

Minecraft – The Wild Update: Where to Find & Tame Frogs
Image through Mojang/Microsoft

To lure a frog someplace, all you want is its favourite snack: Slimeballs, dropped by defeated Slime mobs. If you simply hold a Slimeball in your hand whereas going through a frog, it’ll start hopping in your normal route. Just preserve the Slimeball in your hand and the frog in your area of view, and you may lead it just about anyplace you need.

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You can even feed a Slimeball to a pair of frogs to place them in Love Mode and have them breed. Doing it will produce a tadpole, which you’ll be able to choose up in a bucket and produce elsewhere extra simply. Just do not forget that, in contrast to frogs, tadpoles do require a physique of water to dwell in. Depending on where you increase the tadpole, it could actually develop right into a frog of one in all three totally different colours. Those colours and some of their related biomes are as follows:

  • Temperate Frogs (Orange): Moderate climates like Forests, Beaches, Plains, and Caves
  • Cold Frogs (Green): Cold climates like Snowy Plains, Jagged Peaks, and the Deep Dark
  • Warm Frogs (White): Hot climates like Jungles, Badlands, and Deserts

Lure a couple of frogs to your own home and preserve them proud of water and Slimeballs. You’ll have your individual croaking refrain very quickly!