This 12 months’s Day of the Devs is filled with indie video games that I very a lot wish to play, however Schim is perhaps on the prime of that checklist. Developed by Ewoud van der Werf, Schim is an environmental platformer about a bit of blobby frog man who jumps from shadow to shadow to get round.

Schim kinda looks like that half in Splatoon where you dive into ink and dolphin bounce over a spot to land in one other pool of ink, besides your little shadow creature has to navigate to the actual trendy world from the shadows. It’s mainly a platformer with a world of irregularly formed platforms that move round continuously.

In the Day of the Devs phase, we see a number of enjoyable examples of this, like hopping from automobile shadow to automobile shadow to cross a road prefer it’s Frogger or hitching a trip round a bend within the shadow of a bicycle. You additionally appear to have a level of management over the objects you are at present inhabiting. In one occasion, the participant bends the signal they’re hiding behind and slingshots the Schim throughout the road right into a scooter’s shadow. Adorable.

Van der Werf says Schim is impressed by his recollections of enjoying video games with shadows as a child. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the one one who’d stroll to high school to and attempt to step solely on shadows your complete manner.

Schim has no launch date but, however in case you’re liking the look of it as a lot as I’m, you possibly can wishlist it now on Steam.