Yes, I know it’s been half a year since the prime time of the strange game, but the ghost detective simulator Phasmophobia hasn’t stopped it from updating. Therefore, I will not stop talking about them. After the Beta update last weekend, Phasmo’s ghost has gotten stronger, better, faster, and stronger than before. Yes, all four. I’ll prove my torture and outdated references to you.

After months of hard work, “Phasmophobia” is one of the best games of 2020. The best way to play is on the beta branch where things always change like this. What has changed this week is that the ghost is smarter, especially in a way designed to torture me personally.

  • Harder: The ghost now has a 50% chance to remember where it saw you on the last quest and will search the area on the next quest.
  • Better: Furniture will now block the line of sight between you and the ghost. This means that you can now hide more places on all maps, not just in closets and lockers.
  • Faster: If you find yourself hunting, all ghosts except Revenant will now get faster and faster over time. If they can’t see you after verifying your last known location, the speed will only slow down.
  • Louder: If you keep chatting in the locker or closet and the ghost knows you are inside, even if you grab it, the closet or locker door will open fully on the second try.

Equally important is, “The ghost now has the opportunity to open both closet doors slightly at the same time during the search.” When you hide in the ghost door, they open the closet door bad enough. I keep crying, but I can open both at the same time. Is it a door? Thanks, kill me now. The speed of the ghost chasing you is getting more and more terrifying. If they get lost they will slow down, but I hope that means chasing long corridors on maps of high schools, shelters and jails is fatal. .

You will not be sentenced to death if you get trapped in the attic of the farmhouse. He is always hiding in a mess. For me, the best part about the phobia update is that even after reading the patch notes, these ghosts manage to surprise me. I will lose or forget some important changes. Otherwise, the ghosts will behave strangely, because sometimes they do. There is no precautionary measure to prevent me from freaking out, I think this is very good.

You can get the rest of the patch notes over the weekend here. These changes have now appeared in the beta branch of Phasmophobia, and you can and should add these changes through the game’s Steam settings.