When I once entered the Counter-Strike 1.6 competition, I was print-out of the map where we stick the map with tape on the wall. Today’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have taken steps than other teams in the pursuit of better clicking on heads.

To help them, Valve launched a new subscription service called CS: GO 360 Stats. By paying just $ 1 per month, players can get in-game stats for “Competition”, “Premier” and “Wingeman” game modes.

Valve quietly announced this service in their latest release notes. The details are very superficial, but the FAQ has more content. You can register for the service in the game, and the statistics of the games you have played will only be recorded when your subscription is active.

To me, it is not clear at this time the benefits of this service above free services already available. For example, csgostats.gg and scope.gg provide similar statistics for free, and you can upload the demo file to Leetify for AI to analyze.

Dota 2 has a similar official subscription service called Dota +, but the features it provides are far from statistical data (and cost more, $ 4 per month). Perhaps CS: GO 360 stats are ubiquitous and subscriptions or stats will grow over time.

Although the current CS: GO community is more concerned about the competition from Valve by restricting its API to remove all these free statistical information sites.

The statistics service is not the only change in the last update. The chicken model has also been visually improved: in the classic Nuke map, someone centered a lamp that was bugging me.