What I like the most about Apex Legends is the movement. Most characters can travel the world in various cool or interesting ways, and now Respawn has finally come up with the best way to achieve this goal: jetpack. The developer released a new legendary Valkyrie Legend last week – she’s the daughter of the Titan Wiper pilot, and she uses part of her old Polaris robot to spray. I got to try it out at the preview event and it felt great. However, in addition to the advantages of rocket fuel, she has a lot of abilities, so I ask the developers to calm some problems about the power increase, but first! It’s great to play Valkyrie.

As long as you have some jet fuel in your fuel tank (a millet will pop up to tell you how much fuel you have and will automatically refuel when you haven’t been flying for a period of time), you just need to double the beating and you’ll be airborne. It is very satisfying and very useful if you want to do a little reconnaissance without looking for high-altitude climbing.

In terms of skill, his ultimate pick allows him to grab two teammates and fly through the air. Once you reach the highest point of the jump, it becomes a sport of skydiving, like when it was first launched from a spaceship in a Royal Royale game. It is very suitable to avoid the team getting into trouble or to rotate to a new part of the map. His tactical ability is very simple and he can retreat to his father’s Titan. It can fire a small group of missiles in a rectangular grid pattern, a bit like a mini ultralight missile from Bangalore. It won’t deal much damage, but it can stun the enemy (like a less powerful arc star blast) and help bring the team out of hiding.

The missiles’ deployment speed is also very fast, so if cover is needed, they are easily distracted. Then we come to understand their passive weapons. Obviously the most important thing here is your jetpack. Use the redesigned Northstar machinery to elevate your posture, reposition yourself, explore forward, or just have some fun in the sky. This isn’t the kind of thing you want to fight – Valk’s flight mode is predictable, and when he hits the ground again, there’s a short delay in returning the weapon. Although it can use tactical missiles in the air.

I really like using Valk in the new 3v3 arena mode, because at the beginning of each game, I zoom into the sky to capture where in the arena the enemy squad is heading. You have to be careful because you can stay away from your class, but it’s easy to quickly drop them off and wait for them. Or just hovering over them for a while like a badass guardian angel. Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, this is a pretty good skill, what a cool jetpack lady!” But we still have not finished.

Most importantly, Valk is a Recon character, which surprised me during the preview. This means that it can not only scan the reconnaissance beacon to find the position of the ring, but it also has another passive element that can detect the enemy from a distance. During skydiving (starting from a platform, your superman, or falling early in the game), enemies in your direct line of sight will be highlighted (similar to how Crypto’s drone finds people). Teammates who parachute with it can also see this information.

These are all excellent skills and for a character he seems to have a lot of practicality. During the preview event, in an interview with the game’s developer, I asked if there were any concerns about the power boost. Lead game designer Daniel Klein told me that they are focused on ensuring that the characters’ abilities do not completely control the battle, although it is important to send in the “Legends” so they can be in the future when necessary. , Force you to move in the other direction, provide more information, etc. But then your weapon skills will determine if you are dead or dead. “He told me.” A lot of things in Valkyrie are built to order, we know it must be built around a jetpack so it must have the ability to be used from a height, so how can we make this work well?

“My theory is that although the Valkyrie brings many benefits, her equipment has both strengths and weaknesses. Although she has the ability to move very freely on the map and can basically fly where she needs to, the sound can show her position. She can shoot in many parts of his body, and the time to put the weapon back on is a bit delayed. Hope all of these can have enough counterattack effects, so that’s it.

But it’s still too early and you won’t be able to participate in the Apex game until May 4. Once players have a chance to give it a shot, it will be interesting to see how it fits into the list. Given Valk’s movement, recon, and damage capabilities combined with the capabilities of several other Legends (and somewhat better), I can see that Valk will become a very important choice.

But in fact, can we expect a better performance from the Apex Predator? They didn’t want to just copy him from Titanfall 2 (in Reid’s words: “obviously because he was so dead”) or turn their daughter into a clone. Instead, they chose to explore how to combine some of the things that people love the most, you know, Titan. It looks like we’ll be able to get the right Titans in Apex soon, but jetpacks made from it are a good start.