Elden Ring
Elden Ring

If you’re a fan of the FROMSOFTWARE video games or are new to them, you might be wondering if Elden Ring is as difficult as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. This isn’t a new question, since many people have been assessing these video games even before Elden Ring was released. So it’s only natural that this game joins the battle to see which game is the most difficult. And in this tutorial, we’ll check the answers to those queries.

Is Elden Ring as Hard as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro?

is elden ring as hard as dark souls bloodborne and sekiro

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Although the game is not exactly the same as the others, it does share many mechanics. As a result, some mechanics are more difficult in Elden Ring than in the other Soulsborne video games, whilst others are simpler. Let us examine Elden Ring in comparison to other video games.

  • Spirit Ashes: If you’re new to the series, boss fights have never been easier than now. The catch is that if you properly enhance your spirit ashes and understand how to use your summon, boss fights may become shockingly simple. Because this Spirit Ashes was so badly damaged, the game nerfed it. Despite the nerf, it is still considered to be the best Spirit Ashes in the game.
  • Fast Travel to avoid wasting/use runes: You may simply open your map and quickly travel to any location of grace to make use of your runes if you believe you could be in danger. This was not the case in the original Dark Souls. In Dark Souls, if you wanted to spend your souls but weren’t near a bonfire, you had to use the Homeward bone. So, if you ran out of Homeward bone, your only other option would be to journey again. That might also be an issue if you didn’t kill enemy.

Quick comparability of Elden Ring with different Soulsborne video games

Elden Ring is the most similar to the Dark Souls video games, as opposed to Bloodborne or Sekiro. When it comes to classes and weaponry, it adheres to the same diversity that Dark Souls provided to its players. Bloodborne is more fast-paced, although it still feels quite similar to Dark Souls. Sekiro, on the other hand, had entirely distinct systems. From posture-based boss confrontations to the use of combat Arts. When compared to these other video games, Sekiro is a very different experience.