Goats are one of the cutest creatures in Minecraft 1.17. They exist in the mountain biome and can jump high and there are some hidden depths in this creature. Goats are neutral creatures and cannot be tamed, but can be driven to mate with another goat.

Goats can be fed wheat, which will put them into “Love Mode”. If two nearby goats are in “Love Mode”, they will breed and produce a baby goat. If you have wheat on hand, the goats will follow you too, which helps to bring the two goats closer together. You can also feed baby goat wheat to speed up its growth.

Goat ramming and Screaming Goats

All goats have an internal timer, ranging from 30 to 300 seconds. After this period of time has passed, if the target does not move within this period of time, the goat will crash into nearby players or creatures (except other goats). If the goat hits something, it will not cause damage, but will knock them back, which may cause some annoying falls or even death. Young goats can also charge, although they won’t knock the target down that far.

About 1 in 50 goats are Screaming goats. These goats are the same as other goats, but you guessed it, they scream regularly and charge more frequently (their internal timer is set to only 5-15 seconds). Goat horn is an item that only exists in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, not in the Java Edition. In bedrock, if a goat hits a solid block, it will drop one of its horns until it has no horns.

When you right-click with goat horns in your hand, you will hear the sound of war horns. In Java, the only thing you can get from a goat is milk, which you can do by right-clicking the empty bucket on the goat.