Parrots are brightly colored birds with many colors. From gem-hued blues, greens, reds, purples and yellows to browns, grays and other possibilities. These parrots are almost entirely based on many species of macaws, with the exception of grey parrots, which are inspired by real life cockatoos. They are only found in the jungle biome of Minecraft, usually roaming in trees.

Parrots in Minecraft can be used as an early detection system and decoration; they can walk on the player’s shoulders and imitate the sounds of creatures up to 20 cubic blocks away. The sound of the parrot version will have a slightly higher pitch, but if the player is close to a hostile creature, the player will be warned. And as a bonus, parrots will dance anytime, as long as the parrot is near the active jukebox. At least, the Parrot Ball is something players can do when they are bored in Minecraft.

Taming Parrots

Here is all the information players need to know about Minecraft parrots and how to tame them. Players must first search for the color of the parrot they want to tame in the jungle biome. Once a potential new friend is found, the parrot needs to be fed. Parrots like all kinds of seeds; players can use melon seeds, wheat seeds, pumpkin seeds or beet seeds.

Whenever the player feeds some seeds to the parrot, there is a 33.33% chance to tame it. Players can continue to feed their new parrot seeds, but parrots have no baby form, unfortunately it cannot reproduce. The closest thing parrots have to a baby form is the parrot egg, which is how they are spawned in creative mode.

Like wolves and cats, tamed parrots will follow the player. They can be asked to sit to fix them in place, or the player can have their bird friends ride on their shoulders. The player can have a parrot on each shoulder, always starting from the left shoulder. The parrot on the shoulder appears in the inventory.

In order for the parrot to ride on the shoulder of the avatar, the player only needs to walk through the bird. If the player gets hurt, steps on any amount of water, or falls, the parrot will remove its shoulders. Unfortunately, players cannot feed water breathing potions to parrots and take them for deep sea diving.

If the player feeds cookies to their new feather friend, the parrot will poison itself fatally. In addition, players who fall into dangerous places such as lava can also kill the tame parrot on their shoulders.