For players who want a little extra protection in their Minecraft base, there is no better solution than iron golems. These heavy beasts have a lot of health, cause some very good damage, and even knock the enemy back. Although iron golems will spawn in villages with enough villagers, players can use appropriate materials to make iron golems by themselves.

Iron Golems have been part of Minecraft for many years, so they are not necessarily new. Even so, their use has not decreased over the years, and in such a rapidly growing player base, some people may not know what to do. Even veterans may need refresher, so please continue reading the complete recipe.

Although the Minecraft workbench has many uses, iron golems are not crafted like other items. Instead, the player must obtain the right blocks and place them in a specific shape in the world. Doing so will cause the block to animate and turn into an iron golem, and then it will patrol the area and fight nearby monsters.

The biggest disadvantage of Iron Golem is their relatively high manufacturing cost, especially in the beginning stages. The player must place four iron blocks in a “T” shape, and then place a pumpkin, a carved pumpkin, or a jack-o’-lantern on the top of the structure. In general, this means that it takes 36 iron to make an iron golem, which is a full set of iron armor. In the long run, this may not mean much to the player, because the iron in the main world is very rich, but it may be difficult for beginners. In other words, for bored Minecraft players, mining iron ore is a good thing.

Iron Golems have an impressive 50 Health Hearts (100 HP), so they can take a beating by hostile creatures or players. In battle, they can cause up to 21 points of damage, which is several times that of the diamond sword. All these factors make them particularly useful guardians, and the guardians built by the player will never be hostile to them. However, this does not apply to iron golems spawned in villages, as attacking villagers will cause these powerful enemies to try to kill the player.

Iron Golem will definitely help players survive in Minecraft for a long time, but players can create another type of Golem. By stacking two snow blocks on top of each other and placing a pumpkin on top, the player can create a snow golem. They are not as useful as iron golems in defense, but they have an additional benefit, that is, they can make snow wherever they go.