The June 2020 Nether update in Minecraft adds a lot of Nether content to the sandbox game. Players can now live in the Nether and explore further. One of the blocks added in this update is a Lodestone, and players who spend a lot of time in the Nether will find it very useful.

Lodestone Uses in Minecraft

Players can use Lodestone to help navigate the chaotic, distorted, and monochromatic Nether. Lodestones can be used in conjunction with the compass in Minecraft to help players find their way back to their location after getting lost in the Nether. It works by magnetic gravity, which means that the compass will always point to the Lodestone. These stones are effective in the Nether, the End and the Overworld.

Where to find Lodestones in Minecraft

In the Nether, players can find Lodestones in the bridge bastion remnants treasure chests. These bridge-like structures are the ruins of all Minecraft Nether biomes, except for the basalt delta, where they are gray stones and foggy locations. However, there may be many items in the treasure chest of the bridge bastion remnants, but fortunately players can also make their own Lodestones.

How to make Lodestone in Minecraft

To make a Lodestone, the player needs a workbench and two materials: eight chiseled stone bricks and a Netherite Ingot. Players can make chiseled stone bricks by combining stone brick slabs in Minecraft. Netherite Ore is the hardest material in the game and can only be made by combining four Netherite Scraps and four gold ingots on the workbench. Netherite fragments can be found in the treasure chest of the bridge bastion remnants, and by smelting ancient debris(the rarest mineral in the game, second only to emeralds). Players can only obtain ancient debris by digging deep into the Nether; it very rarely spawns any higher than Y-axis 22.

How to Use a Lodestone in Minecraft

To use a Lodestone in Minecraft, players must place the Lodestone on the ground in the dimension they want to use. It can be used in the End, the Nether, or the Overworld. Next, the player must hold the compass, and then press the use button with the magnet; the Lodestone will start to glow, as if by magic. No matter how far the player is from it, the compass will now point to the Lodestone unless they leave the dimension where the Lodestone is. Put the compass in the hands of the avatar so that you can see it. Once the compass is installed on the Lodestone, it cannot be restored to the basic compass, but it can be aligned with the new Lodestone.