In Minecraft, paper can be crafted or collected from different locations around the world. For those looking for craft paper, the recipe is to put three sugar canes in a box in the middle of the crafting area. This will generate three sheets of paper, but the player needs to go to the crafting table to work.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Sugar cane is a block that grows near water in the overworld of Minecraft and these plant blocks range from 1-4 blocks of height. These can be extracted with anything, gathered and replanted by the water. Due to the importance of paper, players will probably want to start a sugarcane farm planting the item on their base and mining as it grows.

For those who do not want to grow sugar cane, paper can appear in a few places in the infinite world of Minecraft. This piece of paper may appear in shipwrecks, strongholds and villages with cartographers’ buildings. When the player encounters a shipwreck, the paper can be found in the map chest at the lower portion of the shipwreck, but it will also be generated in the supply chest at the bow.

For the strongholds, the paper can be found in the library inside the structure. Finally, a village with a cartographer’s house may have paper in a chest inside.

Uses of Paper in Minecraft

Paper is very useful in Minecraft. Once collected, it will quickly run out when players use resources for enchanting. Each book requires three sheets of paper, each shelf requires three books, and a enchanting table also requires one book.

Therefore, to create an enchantment table to give the highest level of enchantment, the player needs to put 45 books on the bookshelf and add one more book to the table. This is equivalent to nearly 140 sheets of paper before giving any enchantments.

In addition to making books and executing enchantments in Minecraft, paper is also used to make cartography tables, maps, as well as banners, and fireworks. Although none of these elements are essential to complete the game, they can help players customize their world and better understand where their points of interest are.