New World
New World

In the hostile lands of the new world, you may encounter some rare items. One of them is the rare Fae Iron, which can be tedious to find. This ancient metal is very useful, but if you decide to look for it, you need to do a few things first. Read on for some useful tips.

Fae Iron can be dropped from Iron Veins mining, while increasing mining luck to find rare items. In essence, luck is what you must pay attention to, so the more you expand your luck, the more of these will appear to you. Iron ore veins are usually found near mountainous areas and are characterized by dark gray rough rock texture. They should contain some Fae Iron.

To increase your chances of obtaining Fae Iron, create a new rare pickaxe with a lot of Azoth. Azoth can be used to provide additional privileges during production. The perk you need is an increase in mining luck, coupled with the impressive gear of the same perk, will give you a better chance to mine Fae Iron. You can also use this improved mining pickaxe to mine other rare items in Aeternum.

In addition to resourceful gear, you can also eat special foods and potions, which will also increase your luck. One of them is roasted potatoes in particular, which can add 1,000 points of luck in 20 minutes. It will also provide you with health promotion. To do this, you need potatoes, butter, and peppercorn.

There are also herb roasted potatoes, which require honey to make. This meal will increase your luck by 1,400 points for a total of 25 minutes.