V Rising
V Rising

V Rising is a vampire survival game with an infinite open universe. When you awaken from a lengthy hibernation, you must rebuild everything from the ground up. Iron is most likely one of the minerals that may be mined in a variety of ways. It may be used to make a variety of iron weapons. However, finding them is always a challenge. So, here’s our tutorial to learning how to get Iron and forge it into Iron Ingots in V Rising.

How to Get Iron in V Rising

You can discover the Iron at totally different Iron mines which can be scattered all through the map of Vardoran. You want to move over to the Haunted Mine to search out many of the iron veins. This mine is situated to the south of Dunley Farmlands.

v rising get mine iron

But before you go there, you’ll need one of the Merciless Copper weapons. These weapons represent the Copper Mace or the Merciless Copper Sword. These are the only weapons capable of breaking through the Iron veins. If you don’t already have them, you must find the blueprints that bosses and other foes drop. Once you’ve found the place, use the Merciless weapon to mine iron ores from the iron veins. All you have to do now is keep hanging the veins to farm Iron ore.

V Rising Iron Ingot Recipe

  • To smelt these Iron ore into Ingots, we have to smelt them down. But that you must unlock its recipe earlier than attending to it.
  • You need to defeat Quincey the Bandit King at stage 37 to unlock forging Iron ingots.
  • In addition to the iron recipe, defeating him additionally unlocks the flexibility to craft Hollowfang Battlegear and Iron weaponry.
  • Once you will have defeated the Bandit King, head again to Furnace and forge your iron ores into Iron Ingot.
  • You can use these ingots to craft a number of Iron weapons and gear.