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Elden Ring

Many gamers are hunting for the whereabouts of the Black Wolf Armor or the Blaidd’s Armor in Elden ring. This is one of the greatest armors in the game, especially if you play the Vagabond or Warrior classes. Obtaining the armour is simple, but completing the questline that surrounds it is time-consuming. So, in this article, we’ll look at how to gain the Black Wolf or Blaidd’s Armor in Elden Ring and where to get it.

How to Get the Black Wolf Armor In Elden Ring

how to get blaidds armor and location in elden ring
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By defeating Blaidd and his mask behind the wall beyond Seluvis’ Rise, you can get the Black Wolf Armor or the Blaidd’s Armor in Elden Ring. There are certain requirements for obtaining this armour set. Begin by defeating the Royal Knight Loretta boss to get access to the mask’s location. For the rest of the set, you must complete Ranni’s questline until you obtain the Dark Moon Ring. To get entrance to the Cathedral of Manus Celes, you will also need to defeat a certain boss, which I will not identify in order to avoid spoilers. Assuming you meet these conditions, the armour set placement is as follows.

  • Black Wolf Mask: Go to Seluvis’s Rise. Next, go to the wall behind it. This wall is broken so you can climb on it and you will get to the mask.
  • Blaidd’s Armor: Use the Dark Moon Ring on Ranni’s body that you can find in the Cathedral. After your interaction with her go to the Three Sisters area. You will find Blaidd talking to himself. After he completes his dialogues he will fight you. Defeat him to get the Blaidd’s Armor.
  • Blaidd’s Gauntlets: Defeat Blaidd to get the Blaidd’s Gauntlets.
  • Blaidd’s Greaves: Defeat Blaidd to get the Blaidd’s Greaves.