Pokémon Unite provides Duraludon subsequent week

Image through the Pokémon Company

Trainers aren’t the one ones attempting to “catch ’em all,” it appears. The Pokémon Unite roster retains rising, and the newest addition is the metallic dinosaur Duraludon.

Duraludon is a ranged attacker, and its character highlight trailer reveals off its medium-distance strikes. Duraludon offers injury over time with what seems to be Stealth Rock, swipes enemies with its tail, fires Dragon Pulse from its mouth, and prompts Laser Focus to buff its assaults. We get a short take a look at its Unite assault too, which resembles Steel Beam. Its Gigantamax type is unfortunately absent from the trailer, however Duraludon nonetheless appears like a good selection for many who wish to assault at vary. It’ll be becoming a member of the Unite roster on Monday, March 14.

The MOBA has added loads of new Pokémon since 2022 started. Most not too long ago, we obtained the ring Pokémon Hoopa, which truly does use its souped-up Unbound type for its Unite assault. Before Hoopa got here Trevenant, the haunted tree Pokémon.

The subsequent mainline Pokémon video games had been additionally revealed not too long ago. Scarlet and Violet are coming this yr, although their reveal practically didn’t occur because of the ongoing occasions in Ukraine. The Pokémon Company additionally made a large donation of $200,000 to UNICEF in help of the nation after it was invaded by Russia.