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Elden Ring

The Cleanrot Armor is a Chest Armor in the game, and it’s quite important if your main focus is on defence and resistance. Cleanrot might be the answer if you’re seeking for body armour that will securely shield you while you enter the harshest of conflicts. If you’re one of the many players who want to learn more about this armour and how to get it, we’ve got just the guide for you. Here, we’ll show you where to get this armour as well as how to obtain it.

Elden Ring Cleanrot Armor Location & How to Get?


Cleanrot Armor Location in Elden Ring

To get to Cleanrot Armor’s location in Elden Ring, you must go to the bonfire in Inner Aeonia in Caelid.

How to get the Cleanrot Armor?

Once you’ve found the Cleanrot Armor in Elden Ring, you just need to explore the region around it. We recommend that you avoid travelling by foot when exploring. Ideally, you should travel by horseback. This is to keep you safe from the perilous waterways infested with Scarlet Rot.

When exploring the territories surrounding Inner Aeonia, you must combat and kill every Cleanrot Knights you encounter. After slaying these knights, plunder them before returning to the Inner Aeonia bonfire. To respawn the Cleanrot Knights, rest on the Site of Grace right here.

Once you’ve done that, head back and kill them again. You must keep performing this process as many times as possible. Continuing on this path for another 40 minutes will result in the acquisition of the whole Cleanrot Armor set, as well as a few of extra items.