Raiden, Blade Wolf invade The Lands Between in Metal Gear Rising x Elden Ring mod

Image through Demicenero

The Elden Ring mod scene has been going robust since launch, and it reveals no indicators of slowing down. What else do you count on from the best-selling game of the final 12 months? Anyone who enjoys each Metal Gear and FromSoftware titles ought to like these two latest creations.

NexusMods consumer Demicenero has introduced Raiden and the Blade Dog, trying simply as they do in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, into Elden Ring. The Raiden mod is a reskin of a number of armor items. Put on the Vulgar Militia Greaves, Banished Knight Gauntlets, Crucible Axe Helm, and Crucible Axe Armor, then swap within the mod to get the Revengeance Raiden look. As a bonus, you’ll be able to reskin the Moonveil Katana as his High-Frequency Sword with the identical mod.

That’s solely half of Demicenero’s new choices although. The Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf mod brings within the nimble boss from Revengeance. You undoubtedly couldn’t pet the canine in that game, however you’ll be able to experience it in Elden Ring. This mod replaces Torrent with the boss mannequin, letting you “finally ride the Blade Wolf,” as Demicenero places it of their description. There’s no mechanical distinction after all, however Raiden driving Blade Wolf throughout the Lands Between is a sight to behold.

As at all times, do not forget that operating any Elden Ring mod requires you to play the game offline, even for innocent reskins like these. If that’s not cool with you, there are many different highly effective armor units to seek out within the game. Torrent is similar for everybody — right here’s the right way to get the trusty horse for those who’re new to the game.

For those that wish to go all-in on mods, there are many enjoyable reskins to download. You can change your heavy blade with Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII Remake. If you wish to mess with different horses within the game, you’ll be able to flip the Tree Sentinel’s mount into Thomas the Tank Engine.