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Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Red Wolf of Radagon is not an elective Boss. As a result, all players must face it in order to proceed through the game. This Boss is hidden away in a chamber at Raya Lucaria Academy. Because you must fight the Boss in order to proceed, you must find it, although this may be a difficult task. So, in this tutorial, I’ll show you where the Red Wolf of Radagon can be found in Elden Ring.

Red Wolf of Radagon Location in Elden Ring

red wolf of radagon location elden ring

As previously stated, the location of the Red Wolf of Radagon has been located deep under the Raya Lucaria Academy, Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring. To get to the Boss, you must first enroll at the Raya Lucaria Academy. You’ll need an Academy Glintstone Key for this. Once inside, it’s a good idea to activate the Site of Grace for ease of entry sooner or later. Now, take the elevator up.

When you reach the top, run down to the bridge, enter the church, and then turn left to the surface route. Continue on the path and cross the bridge. After crossing the bridge, follow the route until you come to a Corridor.

When you reach the opposite side of the Corridor, you will see that you are near to some Gears & Cogs that have a Belt that will convey you to the next height. Take it and soar to new heights. You will arrive at a Cave passage, traverse it, and locate a stairway. You can view a Site of Grace if you go as far as it.

Now, from the Grace, take a right and go through with the passage. When you reach a fork in the road, turn right. Climb up the stairwell, then up another stairwell just alongside you. A Fog Wall may be seen if you reach the highest point.

That is the Boss enviornment of the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring. Just get in and Beat the Boss. Be cautious as there are enemies at each nook on this journey.