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Elden Ring

Elden Beast is the last boss of Elden Ring that must be defeated in order to complete the game. It is the final boss that appears after defeating Radagon of the Golden Order in Section 2. This opponent possesses a range of strikes in its arsenal, which makes it the game’s last boss. So, in this article, we’ll look at the best strategy to fight Elden Beast in Elden Ring and examine its cheese style.

How to defeat the Elden Beast in Elden Ring

elden ring how to defeat and cheese elden beast
Image Credit: Shirrako on YouTube

In Elden Ring, you may defeat the Elden Beast by chipping away at its health until it is completely depleted. Because its attacks are slow, this boss will be rather easy to defeat. However, while they may move slow, if you are hit by them, you will suffer a range of injuries. Another thing to keep in mind is that it employs a range of attacks that cause holy damage. As a result, it is advised that you carry or enhance some form of protection that can withstand heavenly harm. All of its attacks are listed here, along with the easiest approach to avoid them.

Elden Beast Moves

  • Golden Flame breath: Elden Beast will send a column of flames into the air. You can avoid this attack by approaching him as he prepares to exhale a scorching breath. You profit from this method since you may attack it as he breathes fire, allowing you to hit and wound at the same time.
  • Sword Slice: Elden Beast will make a slice assault with its sword that covers a big arc of an space. You can dodge this assault by rolling in the direction of it.
  • Cosmic explosion: It will rebuild itself into a void and cause an explosion. You will be injured if you get too close to the Elden Beast during this assault. When it starts charging, start running away from it to avoid being injured by the explosion.
  • Charged backslash: It will Charge his hand and do a backslash. This backslash will go away a path of orbs that explode after just a few seconds. The Elden Beast can observe this assault by smashing its fist on the bottom.
  • Charged Punch: It will cost its hand and punch you. You can dodge it by rolling to the other aspect. The cost of this punch covers a variety of space.
  • Flight and Rings: Elden Beast will fly up and form a ring formation. It also forms rings on the bottom that continue to diminish in the direction of you, the participant. In the middle of this ring, there is a dim space light. Make an attempt to roll or bounce your way out of this ring. This is a devastating assault that has a high likelihood of finishing you in a single blow. This assassination creates holy hurt.
  • Homing Arrows: It will reveal its tails and cost arrows. The beast will fire it into the sky, and these volleys will slam against you. You can avoid this onslaught by focusing on at least one component. It will be any path; merely do not roll or change the course in the middle of the run.
  • Charged Sword slash: It will leap whereas charging its sword. Then come all the way down to the participant slashing its sword. You can dodge this assault by rolling in the direction of the beast earlier than its sword connects you.
  • Body Slam: As the title suggests the Elden Beast will slam its physique within the floor in an try to crush you.
  • Charged Homing Projectiles: It will loose its grip and launch rockets. When these missiles are linked, they launch slowly in the direction of the player while dealing holy damage to the participant. This can be avoided by rushing to both sides or rolling before it strikes. Be cautious when doing a roll because this assault lasts a little longer and the missiles impact slowly. While rolling allows you to evade the arrows, if any remain and are near to you, they will hit you after the roll.
  • Cosmic Orbs: The Elden Beast will launch a column of Cosmic orbs in a straight line. These orbs explode after just a few seconds. You can simply keep away from them by operating and rolling to both aspect.
  • Charged slash projectiles: This technique serves as a nice recollection for Sekiro fans, since these slashes are similar to those employed by the Divine Dragon. Essentially, it will cost its weapon and throw slashes at you. You can avoid these slash attacks by rolling to the entrance just before it hits.
  • Charged thrust: It will cost its sword and thrust at you and within the floor. The beast will cost the bottom and it’ll do some explosive injury. You can dodge this assault by operating away from it.

How to Cheese Elden Beast in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you may cheese Elden Beast by allowing it to attack your mimic tear while you throw spells at it from behind it. This may appear simple, but you will still need to evade its blows as described above in order to avoid being harmed by them. Essentially, you must let the beast to goal your imitation rip. When the beast has locked on to its target, flee and get behind it to spam your spell. You may utilize any extreme injury-dealing sorcery of your choice. Although it is recommended that you use Rock sling. This cheese method was shared by Charles2K on YouTube.

Another cheese strategy involves breaking the Elden Beast’s coding and causing it to freeze. This method also necessitates the usage of mimic tear; if you can get it to freeze, you can simply spam all of your attacks on it. The best aspect is that this method works for both melee and mage classes. The only hitch here is that there is no mounted technique other than to make the beast freeze. You must utilize your mimic tear to confuse its focusing mechanism.