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D’s Twin Brother is an NPC in Elden Ring who is D, Hunter Of The Dead’s twin brother. D’s Twin Brother becomes more involved after receiving a certain item. Fia, the Deathbed Companion, will be included. In this tutorial, I’ll show you where to find D’s Twin Brother and the questline associated with him in Elden Ring.

D’s Twin Brother Location & Quest Guide in Elden Ring

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D’s Twin Brother is located east of the Great Waterfall Basin grace in Nokron, Eternal City. He’ll most likely be found by a waterfall, on a balcony in a hiding place. To get to him, start at the Aqueduct Facing Cliffs and work your way north. You will pass through rushing water and view the Waterfall at the end.

When you connect with him, a prompt will appear asking if you want to offer him the Twinned Armor. You will obtain the Armor from D, Hunter Of The Dead’s corpse. You will find him worthless, and you will also find Fia next to him. This is the result of a previous mission with her at the Roundtable Hold.

After you’ve given D’s Twin Brother the Armor, you’ll be able to use the Inner Order Gesture. If you’ve traveled far enough in Fia’s Questline, you’ll see Fia and D’s Twin Brother at Prince of Death’s Throne in Deeproot Depths. There, you’ll see Fia worthless and D’s Twin Brother grinning with delight as he murders her.

You can fight and kill him to obtain the Twinned Armor and the Inseparable Sword. If you don’t need to murder Fia, don’t give D’s Twin Brother the Armor in the first place. However, if you deliver it to him, he will become a part of the questline with Fia and D, Hunter of the Dead.