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The Crucible Knight is an optional boss in Elden Ring that you must find and fight. This is a holy shadowy Knight who can rise to ensure your demise. Please accept my apologies for the truly unhealthy gloomy knight pun. What makes him dangerous is his skill of both melee and magical attacks. While he does not perform any ranged attacks, his melee attacks more than make up for it. So, let us quickly verify how to defeat Crucible Knight in Elden Ring, as well as how to cheese him.

How to Defeat Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

elden ring defeat crucible knight boss and learn how to cheese
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This is a medium combat; it’s not too powerful, but it’s also not easy. By striking him in between his blows, you can defeat the Crucible Knight. One thing to keep in mind about this combat is that his attacks cause a lot of damage, but they are much more gradual, at least in the early portion. So, if you can learn its blows, you’ll be able to defeat him rapidly. He has two steps that allow us to confirm the strikes in each phase.

Phase 1

  • Ground Stomp: The Crucible Knight will stamp his foot on the ground, causing AoE damage to the entryway. You should roll back to avoid it, or if you are really close to him, try rolling in the opposite direction of him to get behind him. Although the second approach is ineffective. You can tell he’s doing this when he wields his sword with each of his fingers. He may also slash after the stomp. This is a really powerful attack because he’s wielding it with both fingers, so avoid it at all costs. He may also do a follow-up spin attack to slash twice.
  • Shield Charge: He will cost and thrust his protect in direction of you in an upward movement. This assault is sort of gradual so you need to be capable to dodge it simply by rolling again or two the aspect.
  • Forward thrust: He will do a small sprint and thrust his blade ahead.
  • Two slashes: This assault largely consists of a backslash adopted by a thrust. You can attempt to run behind in the course of the slash or maintain distance. And roll to the aspect or ahead in direction of him in the course of the thrust.

Once his health reaches close to half you will note him launch an orange aura and unfold his wings. This is your cue for part 2 of the battle.

Phase 2

  • Flying thrust: Crucible Knight will spread his wings and fly into the air. Following that, he’ll lunge ahead of you while keeping his sword front in order to impale you. Rolling towards the direction of the attack is the best way to avoid it. Alternatively, you can roll to the aspect just before it connects.
  • Tail Whip: This is an extremely difficult technique, especially if you’re fighting melee. When you’re behind him, the attack works just like any other slash attack. He’ll usually conjure up a magical tail to lash you with.
  • Two Tail whips: A double tail whip assault. Crucible Knight whips out its tail and spins twice. The greatest technique to keep away from this assault is to roll again as many instances as wanted to get out of its assault vary.

He may also employ his strikes from Part 1 in addition to the strikes listed above. This is a good thing because it’s the best moment to attack him rather than during his part 2 attacks. If you learn the aforementioned attacks, you should be able to defeat him fairly quickly. Alternatively, you may also cheese him.

How to Cheese Crucible Knight Boss in Elden Ring

Not to imply that mages have things easy, but during this combat, you might be able to form of cheese him. To keep the cheese process simple, put some distance between yourself and the Crucible Knight. Time your magical attacks so that they hit him when the Knight is attacking. When he attacks, there will almost certainly be an opening that will inflict him some serious damage.

Try not to attack all of your attacks at once, since his shield does prevent a lot of magical damage. You can eat away at his health, but the attacks will be easier if you strike him while there is a gap. This strategy also works well for ranged attackers who use arrows or bolts.