Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s environment is packed with dangerous zones that must be explored in order to find secrets and skills. And in order to access to various nooks and crannies, including secret caves, you’ll have to think of fresh ways to get there. This will lead you to the question – can I double bounce in Elden Ring? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Double Jump in Elden Ring?

If your character is on foot, you can not double jump in Elden Ring. But if you’re using your horse (Torrent), you possibly can double bounce to achieve higher heights and obtain verticality.

Double Jumping with Horse (Torrent) in Elden Ring

  • First, summon your horse with the Spectral Steed Whistle through the use of the d-pad.
  • After this, you’ll mount Torrent.
  • Ride your horse after whichpress the A button on Xbox (X on PlayStation) and if you are mid-air, press the button once more.
  • This is how one can double bounce in Elden Ring, albeit solely along with your horse.

How to Use Spirit Spring Jumps?

While exploring the huge lands, you’ll come throughout Spirit Springs that are mainly the areas on the bottom with the assistance of which you’ll bounce up very excessive.

  • To experience the present of the spiritspring, it’s essential to be on horseback and bounce (Press X on PS, A on Xbox) if you are close to it.
  • The current will propel you upwards which is able to allow you to get to newer areas you may miss out on in any other case.
  • Note that you received’t take injury from leaping right into a spiritspring whereas on horseback, even from an excellent peak.