Elden Ring

Mad Tongue Alberich is an easy to defeat invader in Elden Ring. He’s on the Roundtable hold. If you’re looking for a spine-chilling struggle, this is the one for you. Simply because his attacks cause frost damage. However, it would be foolish to underestimate him because a couple of his hits may be rather unpleasant. So, in this article, we’ll look at how to fight Mad Tongue Alberich in Elden Ring, as well as how to cheese him.

How to Defeat Mad Tongue Alberich in Elden Ring

elden ring defeat mad tongue alberich and learn cheese method
Image Credit: xHolmesWalkthroughsx7 on YouTube

When Mad Tongue Alberich tries to perform spells, you can defeat him by attacking him from the facet. Alberich is a very basic adversary with only a few attacks to be aware of. Even if you’re a melee character, you shouldn’t have too much trouble beating it. While his attacks are less powerful than those of other bosses, he nevertheless employs both physical and magical attacks. This is only one aspect of the conflict.

Melee Attacks

  • Scythe slashes: Probably the most lethal attack in his arsenal. Mad Tongue Alberich swings his scythe around and attempts to cut you twice. If you are hit by this attack, it will build a bleed and frost damage metre. You can also add a success to your HP. Try to avoid this onslaught at all costs.

Magic Attacks

Two of his magic assaults do ice harm and the opposite does AoE harm.

  • Ice Projectiles: He will throw volleys of ice in your way. These attacks are pretty gradual, and you may simply avoid them by moving to the facet. You don’t even have to roll to avoid them. However, if you are hit by one, it will cost you a significant amount of well being. It may also help you build your ice metre. If you have a freeze/ice-resistant defence, you can utilise it to thwart these attacks.
  • Ice mist: He will launch ice mists in direction of you. These may be simply dodged by merely rolling again.
  • Bleed harm branches: He will summon a hoop of branches around himself that does bleed damage. You’ll notice this assault when he lifts both arms to prepare for it. This is likewise a simple assault to avoid, owing to two factors. The first is that it is really slow. The second reason is that this assault has a very narrow range.

General Tips to Beat Mad Tongue Alberich in Elden Ring

  • The first and most necessary factor to do is assault him whereas he spawns. You can simply do a backstab in the event you like or every other assault. This will chip away a few of his well being.
  • Try attacking him whereas he casts spells, additionally keep away from combating him in shut fight. Especially avoid his scythe.
  • Mad Tongue Alberich will restore its well being when his HP will get halved. While this isn’t actually a tip it’s data that may turn out to be useful.