Destiny 2 Deathbringer Catalyst
Destiny 2 Deathbringer Catalyst

With Season of the Splicer, Destiny 2 players can now obtain Exotic Catalyst for the Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher. The catalyst is very easy to obtain because it has a high drop rate in playlist activities and can increase the speed at which the launcher’s void orbs deal damage. Deathbringer was first introduced in Destiny 2 as part of the Shadowkeep expansion in 2019.

It was certainly unique and interesting, but not an indispensable weapon to destroy the boss. In Season of the Chosen, after the rocket launcher received a severe damage upgrade, the launcher became more workable with the equipped catalyst.

For Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, the Exotic Catalyst is an unlockable challenge. Once completed, the Exotic Catalyst will enhance the weapon in some way by adding new perks, improving existing perks, or improving its performance. Completing and equipping Exotic Catalyst can also be used as a way to master Exotic weapons, so getting a multikills will also produce Orbs of Power equipped with a catalyst.

What The Deathbringer Exotic Catalyst Does

Deathbringer’s exotic “Dark Deliverance” causes the rocket launcher to launch a void ball, which can be remotely detonated to release a void ball in search of enemies. Another weapon perk, “Dark Descent” causes the damage of these void balls to increase based on the distance they travel before hitting the enemy. The player must aim the ball at a high place so that the ball falls on the target and causes more damage.

Completing the Exotic Catalyst objective will unlock the “Dead weight” perk, which will increase the speed at which Dark Descent reaches its maximum damage bonus. This means that the player does not have to aim high for the messenger of death to maximize the damage of the Void orbs. The player can tell when the sphere has taken the most damage because the damage number will be yellow instead of white.

How To Obtain and Upgrade Deathbringer’s Exotic Catalyst

The Deathbringer Catalyst is very easy to obtain, and since the release of “Season of the Splicer”, most “Destiny 2” players already have it. Catalyst has a high drop rate on any playlist activity, including Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. At the end of any event, players should pay attention to the text feed on the left side of the screen or the loot feed on the right side of the screen to see if the catalyst has dropped.

After the player obtains the messenger of death catalyst, they will need to get 400 kills with the messenger of death to complete the objective and release the catalyst privilege. Many catalyst targets require more damage. For example, the catalyst “Skyburner’s Oath” requires 1,000 Cabal kills.

Players must have as many armor mods related to rocket launcher ammo as possible to speed up the completion of this objective. Guardians can equip rocket launcher ammo seeker mods on the hull to gain three energy points to make heavy ammo bricks more common.

Through the new perk on the Season of the Splicer Seasonal Artifact, players can also equip their leg armor with the Rocket Launcher Scavenger mod, which only adds one point of energy to increase the amount of ammo gained when collect bricks for heavy ammo. Both mod types are stackable, so it’s worth trying to duplicate it if possible so that Deathbringer’s ammo is easy to find.

After choosing a good mod selection, players must enter any PvE activity to get kills with Deathbringer. Back-to-back Strikes or Lost Sectors are a great way to get a lot of kills quickly. Another possible way is to enter the Thrallway in the Shattered Throne, because it provides players with an infinitely generated Shadow Thrall, which can be cultivated 400 times, although it is difficult to reach, especially alone.

Destiny 2 players will see that they have completed the catalyst objective because it will appear in both loot and text feed. Then the player must check their messenger of death and put the full catalyst on the weapon to benefit from the perk and the masterwork orb generation.