Destiny 2 Hard Light Catalyst
Destiny 2 Hard Light Catalyst

The Hard Light auto rifle is one of the most troublesome weapons in Destiny 2. Originally, every time it fired continuously, there would be a terrible shake. The recent patch makes it easier to manage and significantly improves accuracy, but it is still a bit unstable.

Fortunately, the Hard light catalyst makes Hard light a better experience. In addition, obtaining and updating Hard Light Catalyst is not easy at all. Here is all the information gamers need to know about the features of Hard Light Catalyst and where to get it.

What Hard Light Catalyst Does

Hard Light Catalyst helps to minimize the shaking that occurs when the Hard Light is turned on in continuous shooting mode. This is achieved through increasing weapon stability by 18 of Hard Light Catalyst. In addition to the recent patch changes, how great this additional stability is cannot be underestimated. For gamers who may have given up on this weapon a long time ago, the installation of Hard Light Catalyst is definitely worth a second look.

How To Find Hard Light Catalyst

The Hard Light Catalyst will randomly appear every time the player completes Heroic or Nightfall Strikes. There is no definite indication of how rare a Hard Light Catalyst drop is, but like other catalysts, it is unlikely to appear immediately. Whether the player is in hero mode or nightfall does not seem to affect the chance of drop. The important thing to remember is that it is the result of a successful strike. Therefore, players should only solve the difficulties they can handle.

Upgrading with Hard Light Catalyst

Once the player has acquired the Hard Light Catalyst, they can increase it further by upgrading. This is where bit of grinding comes handy, because one thousand kills with the Hard Light is required to upgrade. It doesn’t matter whether the enemy is a PVE or a guardian, as long as you defeat a thousand. It is also important to note that players must use Hard Light to complete these kills.

It doesn’t matter how the enemy is hurt; as long as the final blow is a hard light weapon, it counts. These deaths can also be retroactive. If the player kills something with the Hard Light before getting the Hard Light catalyst, it will also be counted as a thousand.