Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost explained - Eva Levante in Tower.
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost event is the D2 universe’s annual equivalent of Halloween. For a few weeks, the Tower gets a spooky makeover with some fresh, ominous background sounds. It’s usually a bit of fun, provided you can look past all the… well, Bungieness. Although, it’s always far more complicated than it needs to be.

As with every periodic bit of Destiny 2 content, Festival of the Lost comes with several unique currencies, ways to convert that currency, an activity, and a whole host of challenges. My goal here is to give you a general understanding of the event, explaining each of the currencies, the Book of the Forgotten, and how to turn your Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. So, if Festival of the Lost has you bamboozled, I’m here to help.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Explained

Book of the Forgotten

Destiny 2 Book of the Forgotten.
Image via Bungie

The Book of the Forgotten is the whole point of this event. We earn Spectral Pages, turn them into Manifested Pages, then put them into the Book of the Forgotten for some lore and loot. You can find the book next to Eva Levante in the Tower.

There are 27 pages in the book altogether. The first ten cost no more than five Manifested Pages each – with the first handful costing less. The other 17, though, all cost 9 pages each.


Spectral Pages

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost explained - Spectral Pages in inventory.
Image via Bungie

Spectral Pages are the main currency for Festival of the Lost 2022. You earn Spectral Pages by completing Destiny 2 activities with a Festival mask equipped. You earn around three Spectral Pages per activity, and you need nine of them to unlock one page in the Book of the Forgotten.

The fastest way to get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 is to complete Public Events. Each Public Event will net you around three pages, and you can complete one in a few minutes. Compared to the four-ish pages you get for a Strike – that’s pretty efficient.

Manifested Pages

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost explained - Manifested Pages in inventory.
Image via Bungie

Once you have Spectral Pages, you need to turn them into Manifested Pages. To do this, you need to complete the event activity Haunted Sectors. During a Haunted Sector, you’ll transform one Spectral Page for each Headless One you kill.

You can kill between 10 and 15 Headless dudes per Haunted Run, and they only take a few minutes, but only the first 10 count towards your Spectral Page conversion. So, even if you kill 15, you can only manifest a total of 10 pages. Regardless, you need nine Manifested Pages to unlock one page of the Book of the Forgotten, so you’re going to be running a lot of Haunted Sectors if you plan on finishing this event’s challenges.


Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost explained - Candy in inventory.
Image via Bungie

Candy is the last of the Festival of the Lost 2022 currencies and it’s dropped by enemies you kill while wearing a Festival mask. Unlike Spectral and Manifested Pages, Candy isn’t related to the event’s progression. You turn in Candy to Eva Levante in the Tower in exchange for packages that have a chance to contain weapons, armor, and upgrade material.

Haunted Sectors

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost explained - Haunted Sector node.
Image via Bungie

Haunted Sectors is the activity present for the duration of Festival of the Lost. You launch the activity from a node in the Tower, and it will load you into one of the game’s Lost Sectors – except it’s gotten a spooky Halloween makeover.

Inside the Haunted Sector, you’ll see a zone labeled with either A, B, or C. When you stand in this zone, a progress bar will fill up. Fill that bar to 100 and a Headless One will spawn in. These guys will spawn in each time you get a zone to 100.

After killing the first Headless One, more zones will spawn and a counter on the left-hand side of your screen will tick up. There are three zones altogether, each of which functions the same and never moves around.

Your goal is to get the counter up to 10. Each time you kill a Headless One, it goes up by one. At 10, enemies stop spawning until the timer runs out (still bugged from last year) – at which point the boss spawns. The Haunted Sector bosses are super easy to kill, although they do have health gates at each third of their total health bars.

During the boss fight, more zones, and by extension more Headless, will spawn in. These won’t count towards your total page conversion – 10 is the maximum per run. Instead, killing these guys causes them to drop three charges. You can throw these charges at the boss to take their shield down and trigger the next DPS phase.

So, Headless Ones are the whole point of these Haunted Sectors. You complete regular activities to earn pages, then take them into Haunted Sectors to manifest them, then throw them into the Book of the Forgotten to earn some lore and progress your Event Card. That’s the whole gameplay loop of Festival of the Lost 2022.

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