Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mod is an important part of the legendary version of Mass Effect. The developers themselves mentioned the same fact. In fact, all the graphic development of “Legend Edition” is attributed to the Mods created by fans. Mod has shaped the Mass Effect universe, which is correct. Fortunately, this theme has been carried over to the Legendary Edition pack. So let’s find out what is the best mod in the new Legendary Edition pack.

Better Camera (Higher FOV)Changes the Gameplay Field of View to an FOV of your choice for the entire Trilogy. Many players have also complained about the Legendary Edition field of view, and this mod has fixed that.
LEME2 Cheats and Utilities – Function KeysThis mod allows you to easily tap a large number of console commands to play. You will also get preset hotkeys for cheats and more features.
LEME1 Console Keys ZTThis mod will give you access to a host of free content, including weapons and XP with preset console commands.
Spectre Gear Bug Workaround – Save GameThis mod will remove one of the most annoying bugs in the game, that blocks you from getting the Spectre Gear in the game.
Lithograph Splash ImagesWith this mod, you can replace all the default posters in the game with some new images that seem to be affected by the “Avengers” series.
LEME2 – Allow All WeaponsThis mod will allow you to pick any weapon of your choice in the game regardless of your class.
Same Sex Mod for Default Sheps With this mod, you can also have your own same-sex relationship in “Mass Effect Legendary Edition”.
Unlimited (Bonus) PowerYou will gain additional powers as well as bonus abilities using this.
Mass Effect HDR and RealismWith this mod, you can also get some much-needed improvements to ME1’s graphics and some color changes to the legendary pack.
Trilogy Save EditorThis mod will act as a save editor for Mass Effect games. With this mod, you will also get other bug fixes and new plots!

This is everything you need to know about the best mods in Mass Effects Legendary Edition.