Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

At today’s Ubisoft Forward E3 conference, the publisher officially announced “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier”. With the world of James Cameron’s 2009 movie as the background, it may change people’s perception of movie games. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many details about Avatar: Pandora Frontiers during the conference, but we did watch some cutscenes showing the impressive settings and character designs. The game will be released at the end of 2022, which means that “Pandora Frontier” is likely to be linked to the “Avatar 2” movie released in the same year.

Currently, the launch time of the game is PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X |Yes, PC, Stadia and Luna. The important thing is that there is no mention of the previous generation of game consoles. This may mean that older hardware may not be able to handle the advanced features of the fully developed Pandora.

Ubisoft showed a short trailer during the conference, highlighting the world of “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora”. Unsurprisingly, it took place in the same dense jungle as the 2009 “Avatar”. The trailer begins with follow-up footage, showing the vast landscape of the planet, and then highlights its native blue Na’vi and winged creatures. From verdant jungles to fluorescent caves, this is a colorful world with abundant wildlife and places worth exploring. Several shots happened in the first person, which may indicate that this is the view we are going to play with.

From there, the trailer shows the dangerous RDA, the human villain in the first movie. Its mechanical power and cruel machinery contrast sharply with Pandora’s natural beauty. Whether the game happened before or after Avatar, we currently don’t know. However, it seems that players will have to fight RDA and use Pandora’s landscape to their advantage.

Currently, this is what we know, but “Frontiers of Pandora” will definitely become an exciting release. Movie-based games have never been a huge success, but Pandora’s sheer beauty and her wild animal species may change this. You can also guarantee that your photo mode will perfectly capture the stunning planet where it happened.