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Elden Ring

Jar Bairn is one of several NPCs in Elden Ring, and completing his quest might net you some useful items. When compared to most other NPCs, Jar Bairn’s mission is rather easy to complete. However, for many newcomers to the game, comprehending the hunt may be relatively challenging. To make things easier, we now offer just the guide for you. We’ll show you all you need to know to accomplish this task quickly.

How to Complete Jar Bairn Quest in Elden Ring?


To complete Jar Bairn’s quest in Elden Ring, we recommend beginning Warrior Jar Alexander’s questline and progressing to the point when you get the innards of Alexander essential item. Following that, proceed to Jarburg by descending the tombstones on the rock wall south of Artist Shack. You want to get to the Site of Grace in Jarburg, then you’ll need to move a little farther forward to find Jar Bairn.

Jar Bairn will be seated on some stairs. Engage with him. During your interaction, you will learn that Jar Bairn is looking for a new Potentate. When you show Jar Bairn your fingers, he’ll tell you that you’re not the Potentate. You should now return to Jar Bairn after visiting the Site of Grace. Continue on this path until Bairn informs you about a couple of new Potentates who have arrived in the settlement of Dialos. Dialos must now be found. He may be found in a hut to the northeast of Jarburg. You want to gratify him but also exhausting his discourse.

After that, proceed to the Site of Grace and spend time there until sunset. Then, go back up and sit down on the place. Return to Jar Bairn’s location once you’ve completed this task. This time, you’ll see that he’s disappeared from the scene. Continue on your journey, and you’ll eventually come to Jarburg in the grass. After speaking with Jarburg, proceed to Dialos and interact with him as well. Dialos, who appears to be damaged and dishonest, will be found at the bottom. He will question if he did a good job defending the jars, to which you should respond in the positive. Return to the Site of Grace and rest once you’ve completed this task.

Then return to Dialos’ body, where you will find Jar Bairn. Now, return to the Site of Grace and rest once again. After that, return to the location where Dialos’ body was found to get his Hoslow’s Petal Whip and masks. Then, return to Jar Bairn and go through his talks. After that, give over the innards to him before returning to the Site of Grace for one more rest.

Go again to Bairn. While you received’t have the ability to discover him, it is possible for you to to discover a Talismans Companions Jar. This successfully signifies an finish to the hunt.